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Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, mold growth is a serious issue. Once you’ve spotted it, you shouldn’t wait to act. Delaying mold remediation in Houston could cause expensive property damage or serious health issues. Here’s what you should know about mold remediation!

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How to Identify Mold

A lot of people may think that mold is the kind of thing you just know when you see. However, the problem is you may not be able to see the mold. Sometimes you may be able to smell mold. It’s often a strong musty scent that indicates mold is growing beneath carpeting or behind your drywall. While we usually think of mold as being black or dark green, it can actually come in many colors including brown, orange, and pink. The color of mold may be different depending on how old the mold is and what it’s feeding on.

Dirt or Mold

Sometimes you may also not be sure if those dark patches are mold or if they are simply dirt. Although you may be able to pick up a mold test kit, the best way to find out using what you already have on hand is probably the bleach test. This is when you mix one part bleach with 16 parts water. Dampen a swab with this mixture and press it to the spot where you suspect mold growth. If the patch becomes lighter, you likely have mold on your hands.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold is a lot more prevalent than people think. Not only can it grow in your home but it’s always outside. These microscopic particles are constantly floating around so it’s easy to see why indoor mold infestations happen. Because of this, mold removal alone isn’t the best option. You need mold remediation to resolve the source of the mold issue and help prevent it from growing back. Our restoration company starts the mold remediation process by assessing the current mold infestation. We contain as much as we can to minimize property damage and potential health hazards.

Air Scrubbers

Because mold spores linger in the air, we use air scrubbers or special vacuums to remove them. While some of your possessions may need to be removed and thrown out, we clean as much as we can. We round out the entire process by restoring and repairing the building materials.

Mold Remediation Houston
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Whether you know for a fact that you have mold in your home or business or you just suspect it may be growing, you shouldn’t take any chances given how serious mold can be. That’s why if you’re in the Houston area, you should call Tip Top Services. Our professional restoration cleaning company helps keep your property and everyone on it safe. Whether your mold problem is big or small, you can count on our team to respond quickly and be extremely thorough in our mold remediation services. We save you money by protecting your belongings. You can request a quote from our restoration company today! Schedule your services today by sending a message to an expert in mold remediation near me here on our website or give us a call on (832) 374-8125.

Mold Removal

Spotting mold in your home or business can be pretty scary. Mold spreads quickly and can permanently damage your property. It can also cause serious health issues. The longer you wait to address the mold, the more serious the hazards become. This is why you should always act fast if you’ve noticed mold in your home or business. Here is the process you can expect from Tip Top Services if you choose us for mold removal in Houston.

If you’re dealing with a mold problem in your home or business, make sure you stay out of the impacted area as much as possible. You should not touch the mold or try to get rid of it on your own. Since these infestations are so serious, you want to only trust professionals to properly handle the mold cleanup. Not only will professionals be most effective at actually getting rid of the mold but they will also know all the necessary precautions to take for themselves.

Although it may be tempting to try to dry the mold out yourself, you don’t want to do that either. In fact, if there are any fans on in the affected area (including your HVAC system), shut them off. Air can spread the mold spores to other parts of the room or your home that may not already be affected.

Although every mold infestation is a little different and the steps to stopping it may be a little different, the first step is typically an inspection. This allows the experts at Tip Top Services to assess what’s causing the mold and how much damage it has already done. It also helps us figure out what steps we need to take to make the area safe once again.
We remediate mold by first starting with containment before starting the work. We also contain the area through a variety of methods such as barriers or negative air pressure.
Even though the ac may be turned off in affected areas, mold can still travel through air leaks. That’s why air filtration is the next crucial step in the process. Using specialized equipment like HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers, prevent further spread.

Next, our mold removal company will use special antifungal and antimicrobial products to kill off the mold colonies. These products also help prevent new mold from growing. However, some items may need to be removed from the unaffected area altogether and replaced. Anything that’s porous will likely be heavily infested with mold.

Anything that doesn’t need to be removed can go through a mold cleanup process. This may include furniture, curtains, and clothing. We clean and disinfect these items, preserving as much as we can safely. Because the musty scent can linger even after the mold is removed, we also go through a deodorization process.

Once any necessary repairs to the subflooring and drywall are done, the mold remediation process is completed. Your home or business should be safe to use as normal once again.

What is Mold and Why large counts are Bad

Mold is a type of fungus that can grow both indoors and outdoors. Although most don’t realize it, these tiny spores are always floating around. This makes it easy for mold to travel into a home or business because they don’t need much space to enter through. Sometimes these particles can also end up on your clothing or your pet’s fur which makes it even easier for them to travel into your home.
To grow, all mold needs is water. If you want to get rid of mold, you must eliminate the water source first, mold will return if you don’t. That’s why getting to the root of the mold problem are key steps taken by Tip Top Services.
Mold can grow rapidly, often in just 48 to 72 hours. If you notice signs of mold growth, act fast to mitigate the damage and the safety risks.

Since mold is always all around us, we can be exposed to a small amount of mold without experiencing any health issues. But you still definitely don’t want mold inside your home! Mold isn’t just ugly or inconvenient. It can actually be quite dangerous.


Mold spores produce allergens and irritants. While this can be damaging to anyone’s health, it’s especially risky for young children and the elderly. If you already have respiratory issues like asthma, mold can exasperate the problem even more. Some people also have mold allergies and may have a severe reaction. You are at risk of mold infecting your lungs if you are immunocompromised or if you have chronic lung disease. The bottom line is if you want to breathe freely, you need to get mold removal and remediation services.

While all mold poses serious health concerns, people tend to be the most concerned about black mold. It’s true that many varieties of mold are black˘ So just because your mold is black does not necessarily mean it’s toxic black mold. However, usually, when people reference black mold, they are referring to Stachybotrys chartarum.

Although there isn’t necessarily strong evidence that this type of mold is more dangerous than any other variety, some people seem to be extra sensitive to these pores. Black mold releases mycotoxins which can lead to health problems like headaches, moodiness, memory loss, nosebleeds, and aches and pains. Symptoms may be even worse if you have a mold allergy.

Even though black mold may not be more dangerous compared to other types of mold, you shouldn’t take any chances. Mold needs to go no matter what. Black mold removal is a must!

If you already have noticeable mold growth, you need mold removal right now. However, if you don’t have any visible mold problems currently, it’s always a good idea to take steps to prevent mold growth. Since moisture will cause mold to grow, you always want to keep the humidity level in your home as low as possible. While the ideal humidity level will vary depending on what source you consult, the CDC recommends that you keep humidity levels at 50% or lower. If you have any leaks whether they are in the roof or walls of your home, repair them quickly, even if they seem small.





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